About Protoned Music

Protoned Music is a concept founded by Michell Reich in 2006. This community has been hosting events as Utopia, Atma, Psychedelic Issues, Protoned & Friends and Shiva Spirit Festival.

In 2009 they started signing DJ’s and Producers and with their first release in 2016 Protoned evolved into a label aswell.

In 2016 Michell teamed up with Danny Horsted who is now running the label together.

Today the Protoned family has grown into 8 members – and they’re already to bring new grounds to the ever-evolving world of psychedelics!


Stay tuned  for many updates in this ever growing psychedelic Label.


Aum Shanti's Debut release is

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Tripnosis - We Are.
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Keeping up with the roots..

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